HR Services in Israel

Human Resources in Israel

Human resources are a company’s most important assets and an inseparable part of its foundation. Local Port helps you find the right person for each position in Israel. Thanks to our extensive network and experience in recruiting skilled professionals, we can provide you with a number of relevant candidates for each position you’re looking to fill to ensure you get the perfect team for your operations in Israel.

Many of our clients choose to leave the hiring process to Local Port, relieving them of the nuisance of dealing with legal procedures in Israel.

Our HR Services Include:

  • Searching for, recruiting, and selecting administrative staff to manage your office
  • Searching for, recruiting, and selecting experts in your industry
  • Professional headhunting to locate specific consultants and subcontractors according to specific tender requirements
  • Employing and managing the staff on your behalf

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Why LocalPort

Expanding your business to Israel, or moving with your family is easier with Local Port. Our logistical hub operates 24/7 to provide you with round-the-clock support when you need it. We take the hassle away by managing all of the logistics, bureaucracy, and legal aspects of your relocation for you. Let us find the best offices and apartments for rent, the best neighborhoods, the best schools, and even the best banks and insurance policies. All you have to do is pack and board the plane!

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