Helpful Information You Need When Relocating to Israel

Relocating employees to Israel

Relocating employees to Israel is becoming more common in recent years, as companies see a strategic benefit in relocating key positions and core operations to Israel.



In theory, it seems optimal as Israel has a rapidly growing tech market and strong business development opportunities. In practice, studies show that relocation projects fail during their first year in Israel, and this is due prominently to employee’s dissatisfaction with their living conditions. This can be perceived as quite a peculiar fact at first, as Israel is a sunny, 1st world country on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea where most of the population speaks English. That said, Israel is also a country of slow bureaucracy, long procedures, and cumbersome petitions just like any other country, and these factors can lead to employee dissatisfaction and lack of motivation if they are not familiar with the language and processes required of them.


On the bright side, this means that relocation to Israel can be a great process, for employees and companies, if done right.


How to Ensure a Pleasant Relocation


  • The trick is to learn how to deal with the system in Israel and bypass the barriers. This is an intricate task that requires a lot of knowledge, professionalism, and access to the right people and organizations.


  • Companies that relocate employees and rely on them to fill important roles and take on significant responsibilities, need to provide a reasonable budget to ensure a good quality of life in Israel and a positive relocation experience.


  • The law in the State of Israel requires a person coming to work in Israel to obtain an entry permit, and it’s important to take this bureaucratic preoccupation into account in order to avoid delays and unpleasantries.


  • When renting an apartment, make sure to do it through specialized companies to avoid unnecessary expenses, wasted time, and frustration.


  • If you work for a foreign company, you will require a credit card to rent a car, and you will probably find it difficult to open a bank account as well. While many banks offer services in additional languages, it is recommended to have someone with experience to guide you through this process.


  • In fact, when it comes to fixing something in your apartment, or anything that includes paperwork, bureaucracy, or even getting a price quote, let a trustworthy and professional source deal with these things for you. It will save you a lot of stress and hassle.


All Work and No Play

 Just because you are relocating for work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to visit Israel’s extraordinary sights or enjoy everything this country has to offer. A productive, motivated, and successful relocation experience comes hand in hand with enjoying the array of beautiful attractions and inspiring places to visit. Israel is one of the holiest place in the world, blessed with natural wonders, a bubbling night life, and beautiful beaches to relax on. Once you get the right professional assistance to completely relieve you of the agitation imbedded the bureaucratic system, there will be plenty of room and opportunity to flourish both professionally and personally in Israel.


The Most Important Tip of All

Israelis are a beautiful and unique people, but getting used to the cultural differences that comes with adjusting to a new country can always be a little difficult. Israelis are straightforward, sometimes loud, cheeky, and can be intimidating to newcomers. It doesn’t take long to realize that they are also warm, kind, and caring. The longer you spend in Israel, the quicker you’ll learn from experience and get a handle on social and cultural differences, both in business settings and in your personal life. Having insider tips from Israelis is always helpful in the beginning.





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