Challenges Expats in Israel Face: Organizing the Move

Moving is always a very arduous process, even when it’s just to another house in a different neighborhood nearby. One can only imagine the planning and emotional stress involved when moving to another city, let alone another country altogether. Moving to Israel can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never visited the country before, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. Many of the challenges you’ll face are in the physical move and if you plan ahead accordingly and make sure you have all of the information you need, it can actually be a very smooth and stress-free process. Follow these tips below to avoid common obstacles most expats face:

Plan Ahead

Before you start packing, you need to decide what you’ll need in the short term and long term. There are many factors to take into consideration and you want to be sure you don’t end up stuck in a foreign country without important items that you need. So, how do you know? Simply answer these questions and everything will be clearer:

Electrical Items

You can and should purchase electrical items when you arrive instead of packing them, unless you have something important that cannot be replaced. This is because the shape of the outlets and plugs are different in Israel. Instead of two flat prongs, there are two or three round ones. So you’ll need an adapter in order to connect your appliances to the socket.


This is the part that gets most people anxious, but there really is no need to be. You just need to understand how things work before you ship your items. There are two main shipping methods you can use – cargo ship or plane. Cargo ship is cheaper but takes much longer to arrive. You need to plan ahead and know what you can send via cargo ship, ideally things you won’t need for at least 1-2 months. Prices vary depending on where you’re coming from, so make sure to get all of the details sorted out to avoid any unwanted surprises. If you’re shipping in furniture, it may be worth checking out prices in Israel to see if it would be cheaper to purchase new furniture instead of shipping your own.


Before bringing anything into Israel, you should get acquainted with tax laws for expats. It is best to consult with a professional in order to avoid unexpected expenses and long delays. There are numerous tax laws that pertain to you, as an expat, and to all of the items that you bring into the country. Make sure to get all of this out of the way before you ship your items so that your items aren’t delayed too long at customs when they arrive.

Relocation Services

There’s a lot to plan and consider when moving, whether you’re moving on your own or with your family. It helps to consult with a professional that can provide insight and relocation assistance in all of the aspects involved in organizing your move. A professional service can greatly reduce the stress involved and, if you’re really looking for an easy process, can take care of everything for you so that all you have to do is simply get on the plane with your luggage without having to worry about anything! Contact Local Port to cover everything you need and answer any questions you may have.

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