Challenges Expats in Israel Face: Getting Work Permits and Visas

Living and working in Israel requires work permits and visas, and getting them is not a very simple process. There are different types of visas and work permits, each with its own set of “rules” and documents that you need to fill out. How do you know what type of visa you need or if the company is taking care of the work permit for you?

Work Permits for a Corporate Relocation

In order to work in Israel, you must have a work permit, which is basically approval from the Israeli government to work in Israel. This permit is granted based on information provided by you as an individual, the company employing you, and the company requesting your services in Israel.

Obtaining a Work Permit

The first step is having your employer request a work permit and submitting an application to the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Labor. The application includes all of the relevant information pertaining to your employment, the reason you will be working in Israel, how long, your profession, and your salary. The entire process from the moment the application is submitted to receiving your work permit can take up to sixty working days and incurs various governmental fees.

How Long is a Work Permit Valid?

A work permit can be requested for one or two years, depending on the project’s need. A short-term permit for up to one month can also be provided. In the event of a one-month permit, the process required to obtain it is much shorter. It only takes a few days to get approval and a round-trip ticket must be presented with the application.

Obtaining the Right Visas for You and Your Family

Once you have the work permit, you must apply for a visa so that you will be allowed to enter the country. Unlike work permits which can be transferred by the company from employee to employee if necessary, visas are exclusive to the individual and are added to your personal passport. A visa is requested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and also includes various governmental fees. Visas are given for up to one year, after which they must be extended.

What is Needed in Order to Obtain a Visa

Obtaining the right visas and work permits for you and your family is a long and complicated process that requires a lot of patience and in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations in Israel. There are various governmental fees along the way, different types of visas and work permits for different people and situations, and a long wait before the permits and visas are finally obtained. In order to make your relocation to Israel more effective, it is best to get relocation assistance from professionals who can guide you through the entire process. While it sounds complicated and difficult, it can be very simple when being guided by a professional within Israel who can help you and your family relocate with ease.

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