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Tailored Relocation Services from A to Z

Moving to Israel? There is so much to do before you even start packing.
Whether you’re relocating on your own or relocating your employees,
Local Port takes care of everything for you with comprehensive relocation services.
From issuing work permits and visas in Israel, renting offices, and understanding tax regulations,
to finding the best local school, we’ve got you covered.

Full Guidance
And Support

We tailor our services to your specific needs and provide full 24/7 support every step of the way.

Everything You Need in 1 Place

Whatever your relocation needs are, we are here to make things easier for you.

Less Hassle
Lower Costs

Save time and money with our comprehensive service and network of top suppliers.

  • Tailored to your specific needs

  • 24/7 support and guidance

  • Low costs and convenient payment terms

  • Israeli regulation and bureaucracy expertise

  • Network of suppliers and service providers

  • Everything you need in 1 place

One Logistic Hub Operating 24/7

Relocation to Israel is complicated process, for individuals and companies alike.
Local Port takes the hassle and worries away by providing comprehensive relocation services.
We do everything for you when it comes to hiring locally, renting, government regulations and tax laws,
and even transportation and schools. We’ve got you covered,
and we’re always there when you need us to provide full support every step of the way.

We Make Your Move to Israel Easier

Consult Our Experts
We may have just the solution you’re looking for

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Their crew is always there for us”

Thank you Local Port for making the complete process of the visas and work permits so simple and easy! With your team’s help we are able to manage and operate over 3 different projects in Israel simultaneously.

Stef Adriaensen

“Incredibly flexible, and always available to help”

Local Port helped us to establish our Tel Aviv project office in record time, they got us up and running and enabled us to focus on the project. They took care of all the local requirements, arranging accommodation and visas for foreign staff, helping us to find qualified local staff and really whatever we needed. They were incredibly flexible, and always available to help.

Celia Johnstone

“So simple and easy in every way!”

Local Port makes relocation simple. Their crew is always there for us – 24/7. They located our apartments, negotiated with the landlords and even furnished them. Many thanks and much appreciation to The Local Port Team for all their help and assistance.

Mike Redwine

“Extremely helpful at solving any number of problems”

Thank you very much.  You guys were extremely helpful at solving any number of problems including car wrecks, break ins, parking issues, etc., as well as finding us a home, visas, and negotiating with any number of people that we had difficulty in dealing with.  We could not have done it without you and we really appreciate the excellent service that you and the team provided. Best wishes to all…

Brandon Agnell

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Why LocalPort

Expanding your business to Israel, or moving with your family is easier with Local Port. Our logistical hub operates 24/7 to provide you with round-the-clock support when you need it. We take the hassle away by managing all of the logistics, bureaucracy, and legal aspects of your relocation for you. Let us find the best offices and apartments for rent, the best neighborhoods, the best schools, and even the best banks and insurance policies. All you have to do is pack and board the plane!